Hunter Valley Scanning

Radio Frequency Scanning


Data Skip

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When programming radio systems into your scanner, either UBCD396T or UBCD996T it is preferable to select " Data Skip " and select  " Off ". This way you will hear more of the radio transmission before it will start scanning and move off to the next channel. If you have most of your channels marked with a ctcss/dcs tone, data skip will not be needed. It is especially useful when monitoring Fleetcoms.

GRN - Digital - UBCD996T

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When programming a new tgid for the GRN - Digital on the UBCD996T, you have an option. Enter the new tgid, then select " Set Audio Type ", then select " Digital Only ". This will ensure your radio system will work most effectively, and hold the channel just that bit longer, when a transmission is received. This is also useful for programming Lower Hunter Police frequencies. This option is not available on the UBCD396T.